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Eternalize your wedding and make a memory of true love unique, exclusive and graceful: a magical moment of music at your wedding day

With three hundred million Spotify streams, eight platinum records, hits and top-ranked artists in their portfolio, music producers Andreas Eriksson and Karl-Ola Kjellholm created Your Song Only because they have the professional experience to add a fresh and interesting idea to your wedding: a song, created by you based on your love story, a song that’s composed and recorded by the top names of the music industry and a song that is forever yours, only.


By contacting the team behind YSO you do not buy a product or pay for a service, but you become the part of a highly emotional and memorable process of producing a song out of your feelings and memories. You can come alone and surprise your future husband or wife with the result, or you can both join our team – either way the process itself is a magical experience that strengthens your love and deepens your feelings.

How to use the song you create?

  • Impress your loved ones at the ceremony: A magical experience for anyone listening, Your Song Only is a moment for every guest at your wedding to be washed away by feelings and seize the tunes of love.
  • Put your love in a time capsule: Pretty flowers, luxurious catering and flamingos are wonderful things for a moment, but this song is more than a spectacular moment, it’s everlasting so all your friends and family in generations to come will be able to forever remember your special day.